Tramlines uncovered at Bristol Road South / Lickey Road Junction Photo by Richard Laundon

Contractors working on the Longbridge road network say they have uncovered old tramlines while digging into the central reservations.

Richard Laundon from Rednal was out walking his dogs when he took a photograph which seems to show tramlines in the central reservation on the A38 Bristol Road South, near the Lickey Road junction. Richard said that contractors told him they have uncovered more while they have been working.

Trams ran up Bristol Road from Birmingham, right up to the Lickey Hills, with a branch running off towards Rubery.

Tracks are still visible outside Lei Ling Chinese Restaurant, which was formerly the Rednal terminus which was the gateway to the Lickey Hills Country Park for tens of thousands of city dwellers during the industrial revolution.

View more images of Bristol Road trams at the Photo by D.J. Norton website



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