A message on a balloon for a much loved grandad is found in a forest in Germany.

Grandad Ron and the messages attached to the balloons

On 3rd October from a garden in Rubery, Birmingham, 11-year-old Owen, sister Chloe, brother Luke with Mom and Dad, released a balloon in memory of their much loved and very missed Grandad Ron, who sadly passed away in 2012.

On the helium filled balloon, Owen decided to attach a message that read ‘Happy Birthday Grandad, Miss You Loads, Lots Of Love, Owen, Chloe, Luke’

He also wrote ‘Post on B31 Voices if found’

Once the balloons were released, the family got on with their daily lives, school, work, checking Facebook! They never really expected that the balloon would be found and even if it was, no one would actually take the time to get in touch to let them know.

Mira & Resi (Top) Resi & Angelika (Bottom)

But they were wrong! On the 15th October, 474 miles (764.438km) away, in the beautiful university town of Marburg, Germany – which boasts some truly spectacular gothic architecture – Mira, a 33 year old university worker was taking a walk with her mother and an absolutely gorgeous dog ‘Resi’ in the local forest when they spotted something blue on the ground between the trees.

Mira explained: “I thought it was garbage, so I didn’t want to approach it first, but my mother is into picking up all kinds of stuff.  Once we saw it was a balloon with a message, we picked it up and took it home with us.”

She added: “I had no idea what B31 Voices was and first thought about the “Bundesautobahn” we have here (we actually have one called B31) but thanks to the internet of course it wasn’t that hard to find out what it really was ;).

Owen in his garden releasing the balloons

It was quite a surprise for the family when they saw a post on B31 Voices asking for the family who released the balloons to get in touch.

Owen said: “I thought the balloon would never be found but when I found out it was in Germany (474 miles away), I was Shocked!!! Thank you for posting it on B31 voices”

Mom Amanda said: “We were very shocked to see the balloon had travelled all the way to Germany, just happy to see someone found the message attached.

They were not the only ones surprised and shocked, we were a little confused when we first received the message from Germany!

Even though balloon releases have been extremely popular, popularity has fallen following research on environmental effects and risk of harm to wildlife and domestic animals.

For more information on alternatives to balloon releases, please see here.


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