After readers reported incidents involving a group of youths being antisocial in Northfield on 24th November, Bournville School responds.

The school’s response follows a post on the B31 Voices Facebook page by a reader who witnessed and described the events as “disgraceful behaviour from youngsters on Northfield High Street”

Mo Jamieson‎ Said on B31 Voices Facebook page: “What a display of disgraceful behaviour from youngsters on Northfield High Street a little while ago. Mouthing off and swearing at Police. Challenging police. There was a huge gathering of youths.“

Students of Bournville school were claimed to be amongst those behaving badly on the Friday evening, which affected pedestrians and motorists.

The post was published on the Facebook page at just after 6pm, an hour after the incidents, and it quickly gained opinions and frustrations from B31 Voices readers.

Some commented:

Karen O’Toole: “I watched a group of kids throwing things at a hgv lorry. I bet it was the same bunch (don’t normally see groups like this tbf)”

Cayla McDonnell: “My daughter attends this school and if pics were circulating of these students I know for sure the school would deal with them quite severely.”

Rachel Hadley: “Can’t blame the school for a few feral pupils.”

Tony Lynock: “The school can’t be blamed for their behaviour out of school, that’s down to their parents surely?”

Laura Morrall: “I saw this earlier with my four year old son in tow. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour I hope their parents are thoroughly ashamed.”

You can read all the comments on the post here.

The Bournville based school, which appointed a new headteacher in March 2017, were quick to act once made aware of the incidents.

A spokesperson for Bournville school: “We would like to thank the members of the public who made us aware of these social media posts so that we could deal with the students appropriately.  Like all schools in the area, we work closely with the police, parents and other agencies to ensure that our students are well behaved both inside and outside school, and this was reflected in our most recent Ofsted report.

“Having been made aware of this incident we have contacted the police in order to fully investigate it.  It appears that students from a number of schools, including Bournville, were involved, and we will be dealing appropriately with any Bournville student who took part.  We are aware that one young person was arrested but we can confirm that this young person is not a Bournville School student.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and will impose sanctions on any students behaving in a way that brings the school’s reputation into disrepute. The vast majority of our students behave in a polite, and respectful manner both inside and outside of school and it would be unfair to allow incidents such as this to tarnish their good character.

“If any members of the public have further information about this incident we would ask them to contact us via”

Anyone who witnessed, has information regarding this or any other incidents now or in the future involving school children, is advised to contact the appropriate school as well as the police on 101.


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