The owner of a 12 year old Rottweiler named Tasia is left grieving after what is said to have been an unprovoked attack by a dog that wasn’t on a lead.

West Midlands Police were alerted to a dog described as an American Pit Bull attacking a Rottweiler dog in the Woodgate area of Birmingham on Saturday 18th November.

The terrifying incident happened between 11am and 11.30am during Tasia’s daily walk (always on a lead) with her owners partner, David, over Woodgate Valley Country Park where it backs on to Simmons Drive.

As they were approaching the tarmac path off the playing fields, out of nowhere charged a blue and white American Pit Bull type male dog straight at Tasia and 70 year old David.

The Rottweiler’s owner Myfanwy described the attack: “It was totally manic and fixated. Being of strong build it resisted all attempts to get it away. It came at David and our dog a couple of times and had David on the ground. It was a prolonged and unprovoked attack. The dog had ours by its soft under belly and was tossing her about like a rag.”

After a while, a man described as tall, white, of medium build, aged between 20 to late 20s, wearing a baseball cap, red zip up jacket and matching sports trousers, ran towards Tasia and David, trying to get the dog off them.

The man claimed to be the owner of the dog that reached the man’s shoulders when on it’s hind legs – he also claimed he’d only had the dog for a short while from a rescue centre and it had slipped a choke chain.

Once the man managed to slip the choke chain on the dog, it is said that he had no control of the dog and it still tried to attack.

The much loved Tasia was motionless on the floor, David managed to coax her to her feet and get her home. Once home, Myfanwy checked the dog over and their was no outward signs of injury.

Myfanwy explained: “I treated her for shock. She attempted to stand but went rigid and fell into a convulsion. She then had a stroke and could no longer stand or comprehend what was happening to her.”

They had to stretcher Tasia into the vets, they were told she’d had a fit, stroke and massive internal damage to her stomach area. Sadly she would not make it back from the damage at her age and was humanely put to sleep at 6 o clock.

Myfanwy added: “We are left in shock and heart broken. No animal, child or adult stood a chance.”

Fortunately David didn’t require medical treatment, however he did sustain severely bruised arms and chest from defending both himself and Tasia.

Anyone with information is asked 101, quoting log 2438 of 18th November. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit 


  1. The description of the dog sounds like am American bulldog, not a banned breed. I doubt it came from a rescue centre though the police should be able to check them.
    Condolences on the terrible loss of Tasia, a shocking way for a life to end.


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