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Daily Archives: November 22, 2017

#B31JustRead: Vandalised Big Sleuth bears find new home at Lifford Lane tip | BBC...

We Just Read.... Birmingham's Big Sleuth bears find new home at tip. Great to see these vandalised Sleuth bears residing at Lifford Lane: "Giant ceramic...

Bike seized as Longbridge police move in on antisocial motorbike riders

Officers from West Midlands Police's Longbridge neighbourhood team are closing in on offenders after seizing one of their bikes in Frankley yesterday (Monday 21st...

Teenagers flee scene as Skoda smashes into Frankley home

West Midlands Police are investigating after a car smashed in to the front of a Frankley home yesterday evening (Tuesday 21st November). The incident happened...

Two arrested as police and car owner team up to catch thieves

West Midlands Police and the victim of a car theft teamed up in the early hours of Tuesday morning (21st November) to recover the...