Saharan dust brings a warm desert glow to South Birmingham


A warm desert glow has descended on the city today, leaving many residents bemused – and some a little spooked!

A glowing red sun is adding a sepia tinge to this autumnal Monday morning across the UK.

And it feels toasty too with temperatures are set to reach an unseasonably warm 18C.

With remnants of Hurricane Ophelia set to batter parts of the UK today, all schools and colleges in Northern Ireland have been forced to close as a precaution.

Here in Birmingham, the Met Office thinks we will be less affected, but it could get a little breezy.

But warm air from the Sahara has been pulled in by ‘ex-Ophelia’ – including some red Saharan dust, which is causing the red sun phenomena. Read more from BBC Weather presenter Simon King

Send us your photos and we’ll add the best to the gallery!

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