West Midlands Police are investigating after an armed robbery at a West Heath supermarket late last night (Sunday 1st October).

A police spokeswoman said that a white man – wearing gloves and mask – entered the Tesco Express store at the junction of West Heath Road, The Fordrough and Redhill Road just before 10.30pm.

Carrying what appeared to be a gun, the man demanded that staff hand over cash from the till.

The man was able to make off with a quantity of cash and made off on foot.

Armed officers attended the scene but no arrest has yet been made.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting 20BW/209830T/17


  1. Another gun crime. Seems so commonplace now.

    Pity either the government and/or the courts can’t toughen up sentences for knife and gun crime, with a minimum of 10 years for either (and that’s just handling!)

    And can’t we introduce hard labour in our prisons once we have left the EU? It is quite galling to see some prisoners rioting because they don’t have TVs, mobile phones etc. I think a proper deterrent along with captivity would make some think twice.

    • The punishment is loss of liberty….not further punishment inside prison. Treat your prisoners like scum and they will react accordingly. You appear to be confusing punishment with revenge.


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