Local people flocked together to help when they herd about a loose ram rampaging through Longbridge and Rubery this afternoon (Saturday 14th October).


Saturday shoppers shocked to see our friend at the traffic lights at Longbridge Town Centre

Initial reports started to come through to B31 Voices on social media and by phone at just after midday that a ram had been seen running through traffic on Longbridge Lane. Many didn’t quite believe their own eyes!

The ram had slipped a gate at a smallholding in Hopwood and sprinted off, evading capture for over 5 miles.

B31 Voices readers tracked the spooked sheep and police officers were close on its tail as it ran down Longbridge Lane, up Bristol Road towards Rubery and down behind Morrisons store at Great Park.

Officers managed to catch up with him on Westwood Drive, Great Park – having chased him on foot, the wily woolly chap managed to give them the slip.

Locals to the rescue

With the pursuing officers diverted to another priority call, locals – including Laura Bradley and her mum Clare, her cousin Andrew and wife Teresa stepped up and tracked the determined beast up Rubery Lane, down Cock Hill to Sandstone Avenue – where others including Simon Downing joined the pursuit – and back up to Deelands Road.

B31 Voices joined the pursuers and helped update West Midlands Police via messages to PC Dave Bakhshi, who was at the QE on another job, but relaying updates both ways to us via the @BSResponse Twitter account.


Anyone who attempted to approach the frightened ram – on foot or in a vehicle – was charged at! Luckily we don’t believe that anyone or any ram got hurt – or any vehicles get dented!


Anything for food…. finally cornered and captured!

As the ram was eventually corralled into a safe, secure corner by Cock Hill Multi Use Recreation Ground (MUGA / ‘Cage’), an offer of help from the Dedicoats at Hollytrees Animal Sanctuary in Wythall provided the final connection when they managed to relay the ram’s location to his owner.

Over two hours and five miles later, once the farmers arrived, a quick shake of a bucket of feed and the boisterous boy was quick to play nice and walk to them, to be led away into a waiting pick-up truck!

MASSIVE THANKS go out to Laura Bradley and her mum Clare, her cousin Andrew and wife Teresa, Simon Downing, PC Bakhshi and West Midlands Police, Wendy Dedicoat at Hollytrees Animal Rescue and all who helped to report, track, follow and capture the rampaging rascal!

The Rampaging Rascal’s route


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