A Frankley school has been focusing on road safety following a serious accident close to the school in August.

A 12 year old lad suffered a serious head injury when he was in collision with a car while riding his bike in Ormond Road, close to Reaside Academy where he was previously a pupil, on Sunday 6th August. The lad is now recovering from his accident, supported by his family and friends and community network.

Many pupils have been affected by the incident so the school, along with Cllr Andy Cartwright (Labour, Longbridge), have been helping them think about road safety.

Class teacher Mrs Addis said: “The recent road traffic collision involving one of our former pupils hit home that the roads around our school can be quite dangerous.

“As a school we wanted to raise awareness that we are here, our children cross these roads daily and dangerous driving hurts and can kill” she added.

Cllr Cartwright said: “Following the accident […], I was contacted by Reaside Academy pupils to visit the school. I visited them and discussed road safety with them. They shared how they feel vulnerable on the roads surrounding their school and homes.”

Following his initial visit, Cllr Cartwright said a further session was planned to involve the youngsters in an action plan for a campaign to raise awareness on road safety locally – particularly speeding and parking safely, especially around schools.

Cllr Cartwright praised the children’s input. He said: “Year 3 have created some outstanding posters that will be used in part of this campaign.”

A community safety day with emergency services and hosted at Reaside Academy is planned for February.

Cllr Cartwright added: “I will also be pushing the 20 is plenty for our area due to many residents stating other local roads are in need of calming measures. Though this could be easily resolved if drivers considered the speed limit and kept to it.”

Reaside pupil Summer Albert said: “We want to tell drivers to slow down because they have been endangering others and themselves.”

Joshua Squire added: “We want to make sure our area is safe and happy.”

About the campaign, Logan Richards said: “We have been making posters to spread our message about speeding so people will slow down and children will be safe.”

A petition for further traffic calming measures in Ormond Road was handed to the council by Cllr Cartwright earlier this year.


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