Peter Traves has led a full life. He’s been a teacher in inner London, an inspector for English, a headteacher in Shropshire and was Director of Children’s Services in Staffordshire until his retirement in 2010.

Peter, 67, began that life in Northfield.

Not Great hopes – A Birmingham Boyhood recounts his formative years as a young lad in Northfield and provides a “vivid evocation of life in the 1950’s and 60s in the Birmingham suburb”.

There’s much local people of older generations will find familiar in his account of school life, spot, tv, holidays and family life – stories of a childhood very different to the modern day, but with many similar themes.

In his biographical book, Peter also describes his impressions and relationship with the city of Birmingham, as it went through a great demographic and architectural change.

The blurb reads: “It ranges from the light and humorous to the poignant and tragic, older readers will find much to recognise; younger readers, much to surprise them.”

Peter now lives in Shropshire with his wife Merle and has three sons and one grandchild. He retains many family links in Birmingham

Not Great Hopes – a Birmingham Boyhood is available to buy online at Brewin Books



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