A Weoley Castle man is set to crawl up Mount Snowdon to raise funds to support a local hospice – and this isn’t the first time!

Mick (right) and his brother Adam

Father of two Michael Carruthers, 41, first scaled the 1085 metre (3560 feet) high Welsh peak on his hands and knees last year.

Mick wanted to fundraise to thank St Mary’s Hospice in Selly Park, who had supported his mother, Mary, and his family until she passed away there in July last year.

A thai boxer who hits the gym daily, Mick isn’t one to choose the easy option, so he decided to challenge himself to CRAWL up the highest peak in Wales.

And this year, determined to raise more funds, Mick is going back for more! He believes he’s one of only two people to have crawled up Snowdon (on purpose, at least!) and the only one who’s attempted it twice!

Many stopped to offer their support on Mick’s last challenge

Mick, supported by his friends Paddy Ryan and Ryan Bird, will be crawling up the mountain’s Llanberis Path over 2 to 3 days between the 27th and 29th October – which could prove a bit chilly!

Mick hopes to inspire people to give a little and support the fantastic work that the hospice carries out with families across South Birmingham. He said: “I know first hand what these people do for the ill and it is mind blowing, [they’re] amazing people really. Thanks to St Mary’s Hospice for all the care and love they give on a daily basis.”

Mick, Paddy & Ryan at the summit in 2016

We wish Mick all the best for a safe crawl and look forward to hearing what his next challenge will be! (He may have been heard to mention Ben Nevis….!!)

Please consider donating – in honour of St Mary’s Hospice, the late Mary Carruthers, and Mick’s poor hands and knees! DONATE


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