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A severe fire which destroyed most of the clubhouse of the former North Worcestershire Golf Club this afternoon (Thursday 18th September) is being treated as arson.

West Midlands Fire Service were called to the site, in Hanging Lane, Northfield, just before 3.45pm. Twenty firefighters and pumps from Northfield, Woodgate, Bournbrook and Highgate – as well as an aerial platform – tackled the blaze. Firefighters were damping down into the evening.

The roof of the club house has been totally destroyed, as has 30% of the first floor. A West Midlands Fire Service source confirmed that the fire is being treated as arson.

The club closed in 2016 due to financial difficulty and Bloor Homes recently had planning permission for a 950 home housing development rejected by Birmingham City Council.

Northfield MP Richard Burden (Labour) said: “I know that the security of the site has been a worry for residents, and also the golf club directors themselves. The directors have recently taken extra steps to try and keep the site secure – in addition to there already being a 1.8m high metal fence around the site, they have installed metal security sheeting to the club house windows.

“If this fire was started deliberately, it is a very serious incident and the golf club directors will have to review their security measures once again.”

Mr Burden also thanked West Midlands Fire Service, saying: “Thanks to the fire service who were in attendance very quickly and also had the fire under control really quickly.”

Cllr Ian Cruise (Independent, Longbridge): “I’m saddened to hear of the fire that has all but destroyed the club house at North Worcestershire Golf Course as the building as well as the course has been a part of the local area for over 100 years.  I’d like to thank our emergency services for their swift response in tackling the blaze.  Tonight I urge the directors of the golf club to do their upmost to secure the site while its future is decided and ask that anyone with information or who may have witnessed individuals gaining access to the site, contact the police ASAP.”

Cllr Andy Cartwright (Labour, Longbridge): “It’s such a shame for the local community.”

Anyone with any information which may help investigators is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or visit 


  1. Following this very serious fire, isn’t it now time for the Directors of the former North Worcestershire Golf Club to act in a responsible manner and put the site back on sale so that a proper planning application can be made which has serious community support? Rather than allowing Bloor Homes to delay the situation, as has been the case since 2011.

    There is simply no justification for the further use of police and fire resources on this site.

  2. Mr Kennedy , Its the LOCAL vandals who have helped bring down the club with the constant damage the did and now they have had another go. The Travellers had more respect than this idiots.

  3. One major concern I have with a proposed housing development (600 homes +),is that the current road network can barely cope as it is, especially with the recently completed another massive Egg Hill housing redevelopment on the other side of Tessall Lane. Hollymoor medical centre, and the nearby schools are struggling with the extra demand placed on the Egg Hill development. So I shudder to think how any of these areas will manage with an extra 900 homes, and potentially 600+ cars, and over 1500 extra people!

  4. Gutted to see NWGC ablaze. Such a huge shame that someone had to ruin a landmark that has stood proudly in it’s ground for over 100 years. Well done to WMFS for tackling the blaze quickly and glad no one was hurt or injured in the process

  5. Mr Kennedy you really should get your facts right. Birmingham council wanted the golf club to move and put the club in the PLAN It was the golf club who removed it to try and save it. Bloors were not the only developer after it. Ask B’ham Planning office why they ask for the club to move??? THEY NEED HOUSES.

  6. As past Captain of this lovely little club I can’t tell you how saddened I am to see this picture. My wife and I both had our 60th birthday celebrations in the clubhouse and my sons wedding was the very last social event booked at the club. I will never forget the many happy times I had, both as a golfer and as a member of the Committee. A truly challenging and beautiful James Braid course 111 tears old (years, accidentally mis-typed, however it seems quite appropriate) RIP

  7. Birmingham City Council clearly DON’T agree that they need more houses on this particular site, given that they have rejected the application on behalf of Bloor Homes not only because of the local plan but because the ‘Master Plan’ is flawed. The fact remains that Bloor’s application has no local support either in the community or from local politicians.

    BCC have understood that this area has now reached saturation point in terms of new-build housing, hence their decision.


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