Travellers have moved onto a former golf course in Northfield, just days after developers were refused planning permission for a major housing development.

Several caravans have gained access and are set up on the car park of the former North Worcestershire Golf Club at the junction of Hanging Lane and Frankley Beeches Road.

Cllr Andy Cartwright (Labour, Longbridge) said that as the land is privately owned, the landowners would now have to deal with the legality of removing the travellers and has contacted them to ask that they do so as soon as possible.

On Thursday (31st August) Birmingham City Council planning committee refused a planning application from Bloor Homes for a 950 home development at the site.

Cllr Cartwright – who, along with other local politicians, has opposed the proposed development of the site – added that, following the planning refusal, he is again appealing to the club’s stakeholders to discuss the future of the site and alternative uses with the local community, businesses and community partners.

Residents protest against golf course housing development | June 2016



  1. Somethink needs to be done they came into my work place abusing staff and returned later and drove off with out paying for fuel how much more are they going to get away with it’s a joke

  2. Just wondering whether all of the local residents in your picture supported the golf club and, if not why don’t they buy the land to stop any development or do they have better ideas as to what to do with the land? Let’s turn it into a golf club?????

  3. The local residents had no interest in the golf club when it was a golf club despite local marketing, cheap golf offers and the removal of the joining fee. Social membership was also offered, a very small joining fee for 20% off all drinks purchased, and still no local residents joined. The closure of the golf club as a golf club was a very difficult decision to make, and the filed accounts for the last five years will show how much effort was put in to keep the club going as long as it did. Take a look and its free!

  4. It does not make sense Birmingham need homes for the growing population it is in a prime place Norfield town centre just up the road the new developments at the Longbridge old car plant these people who say no to the new homes are selfish what about the younger people they need homes to buy or rent there is a massive park just down the road at layhill so not taking nothing away it’s bloody grass for God sake make the most of it build build build give the people of Brum what they want houses flats what peple can a ford to buy or rent

    • Most of the new houses go to foreighners that come over here look at staple lodge brand new houses all given to foreighners. My friends daughter could not get one and she was born here.


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