A popular music venue in South West Birmingham have today announced that they are to remain closed for around 6 months – but management are adamant that they will be back!

Popular local band Skabucks playing at The Roadhouse | © The Roadhouse

Management of The Roadhouse in Kings Norton announced earlier this month that, due to circumstances out of their control, the venue would remain closed for the remainder of September.

They had hoped to get the venue back up and running by October, but unfortunately, following discussions with “the relevant parties of Wharfside Leisure Complex” The Roadhouse is set to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

A crowdfunder will be set up soon for anyone who wishes to support the relaunch.

The Roadhouse announcement in full


As previously stated – due to circumstances that were totally beyond our control, The Roadhouse Birmingham was unable to trade during the month of September.

After talking with the relevant parties of Wharfside Leisure Complex, which of course includes The Roadhouse Birmingham, the basic outcome of the necessary procedure that needs to follow, the venue will be closed for the foreseeable future until which time a full re-launch is possible. Therefore our hopes to be re-open in October will not be possible

To be clear – The Roadhouse Birmingham is going nowhere – it will continue to be a live music venue in the long term.

We estimate it will be closed for a period of roughly 6 months, by which time, many of the issues will be resolved plus re-investment secured. Although I am saddened about the immediate closure I am also very positive and excited about the forthcoming future and opportunities this unforeseen situation brings for The Roadhouse Birmingham.

I would also like to thank you for all the support and love shown for the club and would ask that you continue to believe in us and join us in our anticipation of good things to come. In fact, so many of you have reached out with well wishes, that a crowdfunding page is currently being set up for those who wish to help further towards the venue being re-launched at its very best and as soon as is physically possible

We genuinely believe in the venue and the part it plays in the live music scene throughout Birmingham and you have our assurance we are doing everything possible to secure its place and ensure it remains a platform for musicians to perform and for the public to enjoy….. it will be back very soon, I hope you will too!

Peace out and good vibes only… RH

All images © The Roadhouse


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