Flash mob in Victoria Square

An animal-themed dance flash mob hit Birmingham City Centre this lunchtime to celebrate the completion of the merger between two Birmingham colleges: Longbridge’s Bournville College and South and City College. 

Representing the enrolment theme of the combined colleges, which encourages young people to find their “Power Animal”, dancers representing animals flash-mobbed in Grand Central, New Street and Victoria Square.

The dancers in New Street

The newly merged college – finally approved last month – is one of the biggest in the country, with over 22,000 students and around 1,200 staff.

Despite the merger, both colleges will keep their own identities and branding.


Mike Hopkins, the Principal of South and City College said: “Everything we do is about providing the best for our students. What we are doing here is taking two very good and successful colleges and creating an excellent one.

“As we go into the future, we will be able to capitalise on different strengths of each college and benefit from best practice, creating a high quality institution which will provide fantastic opportunities for learners of all ages.”

The college will offer a wider range of course choices with improved equipment and facilities, offering a better service to the local community and businesses.

Mr Hopkins said: “Our financial and organisational stability will allow us to invest more increased in facilities and resources, both physical and teaching, which will in turn mean a better learning experience for students. Importantly we will be a large college with a small college mentality, focused on students as individuals.”

Improved choice

There are already over 20 new courses across its eight campuses, from new A Levels in Geography, Criminology and Graphics at Bournville College to a Diploma in Interior Design and a HND in Theatrical and Media Make-up at Digbeth campus.

Over time, there will be an even greater choice of courses at more levels and more locations to suit local students.

Mr Hopkins said that the vision of the college is to improve education and training opportunities in the city, as well as raising the aspirations and achievements of local people.

He said: “We have an integral role to play in the future of the local area by supporting the changing needs of the labour market and helping shape its future direction.”

It is not too late to be part of the new College. Call 0800 111 6311 or visit www.sccb.ac.uk to find out more.

Videos: @NetworkRailBHM on Twitter | Images: Bournville College


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