A local neighbourhood PCSO last night bravely confronted and detained a man after he threatened a fire crew with an imitation firearm as they worked at the scene of a cannabis farm fire in Weoley Castle last night (Wednesday 30th August).

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Cannabis farm fire

West Midlands Fire Service crews were called to a smoking electricity junction box in Gregory Avenue at around 7pm. The overloading was traced back to a terraced property in the street where a cannabis farm of around 300 plants was discovered.

West Midlands Police were called and PCSO Hannah Moseley from the Weoley neighbourhood team was first on scene as she was patrolling nearby.

Image: @snappersk

Fire crew threatened

As the fire crew – from Northfield Community Fire Station – worked, a man in the street pointed an imitation firearm at two firefighters and made threats. However, plucky PCSO, well known on the streets of Weoley Castle, detained the man until response crews – some armed – arrived at the scene.

‘You’re not bringing a gun on my patch’

PCSO Moseley, who has worked in Weoley for 3 out of her 10 years with the force, said: “I went to give our fire colleagues a chuck with the cannabis farm when one of them pointed out a man they said had pointed a gun at them.

PCSO Hannah Moseley is often seen around Weoley Castle, patrolling on her bike

“They felt it was an imitation – but some of these fake guns look like the real thing and can be very scary for people.”

Knowing it may be a few minutes before police response teams arrived, PCSO Moseley felt she had to act so the man didn’t get away. She approached him, grabbed his arm and told him: “[…]you’re not bringing a gun on my patch.”

She added: “He could see I was really angry – I think he was a bit shocked – and I kept hold of him until back-up arrived to arrest him.

“I can’t believe anyone would point a gun, real or otherwise, at fire or ambulance crews: these are people who are here to protect and save lives.”

Threats to firefighters ‘not tolerated’

Lee Baker, Station Commander at Northfield Community Fire Station, added: “We’re very grateful to PCSO Moseley and colleagues for their support at this incident and prompt arrest of a suspect.

“Cannabis factories can be complex and dangerous for our crews, so then also being faced with a man with a fake gun is beyond words.

“Any threat to, or attack upon, our fire-fighters is one too many and will not be tolerated. As in this case, we will work closely with West Midlands Police to bring culprits to justice.”

‘Credit to the team’

And Birmingham Police Inspector Lee Trinder praised Hannah’s actions.

He said: “Hannah’s hugely passionate about her job and the communities she serves – I’m not surprised by her actions, it’s in her nature to do the right thing, but she still deserves lots of credit for her bravery.

“She’s a real credit to the team…not just last night but on every shift.”

A 20 year old local man remains in custody this morning after being arrested on suspicion of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

National Grid were still checking the electricity supply this morning and police removed evidence from the scene.

Well done PCSO Moseley!

Images by @snappersk


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