Tips if your collection is missed:

Please note: these are just tips to improve your chances – during industrial action there are no easy answers and much uncertainty!

  • Report as a missed collection on your scheduled collection day only. You can do this online
  • Leave your bins out for collection – Birmingham City Council say they will collect missed bins as soon as possible.
  • Maggots around bin bags in Cotteridge [Photo Sharon Styles]
    If your bins have been missed more than once and you have extra waste: make sure you’ve recycled as much as possible and place any remaining extra waste in well secured black bags (double bagging would be an idea!) at the SIDE of your bin. Refuse collectors don’t normally collect extra waste but if it is as a result of exceptional circumstances (e.g.. Christmas, bad weather, missed collection) it should (could?!) be taken (maybe?!). Keep an eye on your extra bags in case of splitting and re-bag as needed! (See right!)
  • Consider a trip to the tip: Lifford Lane recycling centre is open from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and from 8am until 6pm at weekends through the summer months. Check the webcam to avoid queues!
  • Make sure your bins stick to the rules! Refuse collectors can refuse to empty it if it fits any of the tick boxes on their list (see below) – especially during a period of industrial action. So, make sure it’s not too heavy, tightly packed, or containing things it shouldn’t! And make sure the lid is snuggly closed!
  • Cross your fingers…!







  1. city website is crap and you have to register to report missed bin err why??? BCC just collet the ruddy bins!

  2. Despite having a BCC web account, my password was not recognised. I’ve requested a new password on two occasions and have yet to receive a email response. Frustrated by non bin collection and now their self service systems.

  3. I have email today didn’t except pass word but changed it no problem.and had email saying they received if collect bins from Thursday will be happy

  4. Here we are trying to convince the sporting powers to be, to bring the 2022 Commonwealth Games to Birmingham; along with Channel 4. And yet BCC can’t even get its act together with wheelie bin collections!

    Black bags have been left out as per recommendation, yet they still haven’t been collected, and as such dogs, foxes maybe even rats have ripped them open, spewing the stinking garbage onto the streets festering nicely under the hot summer sun!

    Add to that choc-o-block wheelie bins, and cardboard boxes all over the streets as well.

    Welcome to Birmingham!

  5. Our grove has not been collected for 2 weeks now nor has the recycling and grass bins do I get a reduction on my grass bin as this is not the first time this has happened this year

  6. Its Green Bin day this week ..a service i have payed extra for ….if its not collected il be deducting it off my next years payment /////

  7. Three weeks rubbish and a month’s worth of recycling how do they expect the bin lids to close. We have taken ours to tip but unfortunately some tennants in our road are elderly without transport. Please collect before we are over run with rats !!!

  8. Will we be getting a rebate on our council tax for uncollected waste. Why should we have to take our rubbish to the tip. My nearest one is Kings Norton where you are stuck in traffic for a long while. They need to sort the access to that one out. My daughter lives not far from their and its a nightmare to drive to her house. It can take an hour or more to get to hers because of the traffic.

  9. What a load of old rubbish.cannot recycle as bin is full.due to no collection since strike started.why take to the tip.when you have to wait hrs to get in.why do the job of the council.when i pay council tax.some one from the council come and do my job and let me get paid.i dont think so.


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