From today (Friday 14th July), Birmingham City Council refuse collectors will strike for 2 hours EVERY week day, increasing the pressure on council bosses to reach a resolution with the Unite union.

We understand that crews are currently running between 2 to 4 days behind on scheduled collections (varies depending on crew) with thousands of homes missing collections daily. This delay looks set to increase as industrial action continues.

A source within the service tells us that talks between council & union representatives are set to continue on Monday.

For now, keep reporting your missed collections online and leave your bins out.

As crews are now clearing backlog before doing scheduled collections, rubbish that’s built up over recent weeks should get cleared – as long as it meets collection guidelines.

If rubbish includes extra bags, it’s uncertain whether collectors are obliged to take it. Readers report mixed reactions to extra bags with some crews taking them and some not.

If amassed rubbish has built up and collectors have refused to take it, consider asking your local councillor for help. Enter your postcode on the main Birmingham City Council website for contact details – please bare in mind they will be receiving a lot of requests for help at the moment!

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  1. Sorry but we have not had household collected for 2 weeks this will 3rd week today and recycling will be 4 weeks today

  2. Incompetence on behalf of the BCC. Regardless of who is right or wrong in this dispute, any COMPETENT Council would have had a collection backup service in place, but as usual the BCC can’t see any further than their next ‘exploratory’ trip abroad when it comes to allocating funds.

  3. My recycling hasn’t been collected for 4 weeks now this is ridiculous. Once again black bins not collected either. This is becoming an environmental hazard as well as just plain disgusting! Someone needs to pull their finger out and sort it out. Some people don’t drive and are unable to get to the tip. Sort it out BCC

  4. I want to sue the council for not collecting my green waste that i have paid for. If the boot was on the other foot they would be sueing me for non payment. I am not getting what i paid for and contract has been broken

  5. i wonder???? wonder is the bin mens black bags and recycling collected during this action ?????? we should find out were these bin men live and go dump all our rubbish and recycling off in there gardens , so does any one know WHERE ANY BIN MEN LIVE


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