Longbridge developers St Modwen are seeking planning permission for a new leisure complex at the heart of the new ‘town centre’.

Developers hope that Phase 3 of the regeneration of the former car factory site will bring a cinema, gym and restaurants to Longbridge.

CGI of the proposed leisure complex, which would be adjacent to Smyths Toys

The proposed leisure development would occupy land adjacent to Smyths Toys store.

The modern building would be home to a 9 screen ‘the light’ cinema, a health and fitness ‘the gym’ gymnasium and 6 restaurant units.

The town centre development is already home to Bournville College, a Marks and Spencer superstore, Sainsbury’s, Smyths Toys, Premier Inn, Beefeater, Boots, Hungry Horse pub and more.

The Extracare retirement village, adjacent to the town centre, is set to officially launch this weekend (Saturday 8th July).

The full planning application for the Phase 3 leisure development can be viewed online on Birmingham City Council’s planning portal – search Application Number 2017/05633/PA

Comments and views can be submitted online and must be sent before 27th July 2017.

CGI of the anticipated development of Longbridge




  1. There is no need for more gyms and cinemas in this area? There are plenty.
    Maybe you should be looking at a 24 hours pharmacy, medical walk in centre and a few afordable retail and DIY shops, like H&M, primark, ikea, B&Q etc.
    Waste of time and money when we already have the other stuff on our doorstep

  2. Move the Iceland from out of northfield to a bigger plot and get primark over there popular shops = more custom = more economy boost to the area, look at the likes of the kingfisher centre in Redditch and merry hill; they attract people from all over

  3. Don’t need any more places to eat but as above need pharmacy could not believe that boots don’t do this as I found out the other day. And shops next, IKEA, b&q, travel agent etc not more houses or office blocks this is should be a major shopping center as we have got nothing around this area we have to travel to solihul or merry hill for this. Considering the amount of housing you are putting here it would make sense

  4. Do not need gyms or cinema as we have them already, how about something we don’t have instead of hurting other places people work at

  5. There has to be a fine balancing act here – turn Longbridge into one big retail park and you’ll kill neighbouring areas like Northfield, Selly Oak, Rubery High Streets.

    I was hoping this site was going to have a bit more to it than just purely retail – like a decent sized technology/business park to attract skilled jobs and better salaries. We certainly don’t need a hotel or cinema given that Great Park already provides this, and more!

    Moreover, the road network running through that area is already creaking during peak times.

    Typical lack of joined-up thinking by St Modwen..

  6. It makes no sense to add a gym and cinema here we already have plenty of this in the area, what about a kids swimming pool with fun slides and / or spa that the old people housed next door to it may actually use. Some good shops like Next, River Island and Topshop maybe a department store like house of fraser (not found on other local high streets) and some decent chain restaurants like Nandos, Five Guys and Prezzo. Miller & Carter would also be good.

  7. There is a leasire centre being built in northfield, a great cinema in great park – there isnt a demand for that, however as stated above, more stores that we have to travel far to reach (e.g. Primark, etc) and technology parks or more community based businesses that will offer more entertainmemt for longbridge & surrounding areas. Must be careful not to take away from the economies of surrounding towns

  8. Bring on the gym it will be affordable and 24/7 the others in the area are either too old or too expensive.
    Cinema I could give or take but I’d love a tk max lol

  9. There is a cinema literally 5 mins down the road! Be better to attract some decent shops that we dont have in the area. The units left are too small for Next etc so why not build some bigger units?

  10. We don’t need another cinema or gym. We need to look at what we already have around us in Rubery,Northfield and see what we do need how about a Lidl. Or even a hobbie craft shop.

  11. ‘We already have Gyms in the Area’?
    I just spat out my tea. Clearly none of you making these comments have ever set foot in a Gym in your life
    What decent Gyms are there in the area? 0. Nothing. This was the main reason I moved out of South West Birmingham.

    ‘Nuffield’ in Rubery which charges extorionate memberships that most people can’t afford, and has such poor quality equipment its useless anyway?

    Or perhaps ‘Sport Direct Fitness’ which is closed more than it is open, and again, has awful equipment.

    There is not one single decent Gym chain anywhere in SW Birmingham. PureGym, EasyGym, The Gym; North, West & East Birmingham have plenty. Why should I have to drive all the way to Redditch, Maypole or Five Ways to use the Gym? This area is crying out for an affordable 24/7 decent Gym.


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