Have Your Say: Aldi submit planning application for Rednal site


Discount grocery retailers Aldi have submitted a planning application for a proposed store in Rednal.


The site sits next to Longbridge McDonalds on Bristol Road South and is a piece of currently derelict land which falls within the area of the Longbridge Area Action Plan, the plan set out for the regeneration of the area.

The plans are for a 1254sqm store with car park.

Previous consultation

Aldi originally consulted local residents in September 2015 about the possibility of a store on the site.

At that time, a spokesperson for the company said: “We are excited about the prospect of a new store for residents in Rednal. The proposal would deliver investment and create much-needed jobs for the local area.”

Comments on the B31 Voices website and Facebook page were mostly positive about the proposals at the time of the consultation.


There is already an existing Aldi store 2 miles away in Northfield and Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Farmfoods, as well as Marks and Spencer, all have stores within a mile of the proposed Aldi site. Morrisons is currently undergoing a major refit.

Have your say

You can view the plans in full on Birmingham City Council’s planning website.

Try this link or visit eplanning.birmingham.gov.uk and search for application number 2017/03370/PA

All comments must be submitted by 17th August 2017



  1. Ironically, Aldi own the land, having bought it way back in 2005 with the purpose of redevelopment, However, they had planning permission to build a supermarket on this same land in 2006 and 7 refused by BCC, primarily because of a flood risk from the nearby River Rea. So how this new proposal will get round those initial rejections I don’t know.

    That said, having an Aldi will certainly be a wake-up call to the expensive Morrisons over at Great Park. And I do worry about what will happen to the Aldi in Northfield? I get the impression a lot of business will start to gravitate towards the new Longbridge Town and away from the likes of Northfield and Rubery; and more so the local stores immediately around the proposed site.

    On the flip side, this area does need some pretty urgent redevelopment, and looks decidedly shabby compared to what is going on over the road at Longbridge.

  2. Have been waiting to hear this news regards building a Aldi’s which I welcome greatly….nearest one being in northfield is a headache re: car park plus do not like northfield any more so personally I don’t go to the store anymore…the next nearest Aldi’s are I believe is Bromsgrove or redditch which isn’t exactly local so again we do need one in area to compete with Morrisons/Sainsburys which are more expensive….was hoping there would of been an Aldi’s in 2017 but let’s hope building starts in 2018 now….as regards previous comment about BCC refusing to build an Aldi store due to flood risk from river rea which I don’t understand how that could be a problem when there’s a Macdonalds & housing/buildings already there & have there for quite some time too?….it only can be good/positive for the area & regeneration of some employment for people in area too….Looking forward to being able to go to an Aldi’s which is local….

  3. Go for it, think it will be good for those who do not want to travel to Redditch or Northfield for their nearest one

  4. We shop at Aldi Northfield and find parking a problem due to demand. A new larger Aldi would be great, we hope it will be similar to the excelent Aldi on the Wolverhampton Road. That is a superb store. Cant wait!!!

  5. I think it will bring back a lot of jobs , when rover went I think the community spirit around it went and the rejuvenation of the area will bring back and lift us all again , giving much needed jobs to local tenants

  6. No thank you, one in northfield is bad enough.
    We have enough supermarkets in this area already. We need ideas for different things for the area not swamp it with it supermarkets.

  7. aldi,s would be ok but with few in area would have liked to have seen a lidi as to travel miles to nearest store by bus

  8. Hurry up and build it is all I can say. Annoying it takes so long to develop anything on this site. So slow. Yarn yarn yarn…no wonder we lack enterprise in this country…

  9. Another super market in the area no thank you how about asking what the local residents what they think cheap nasty food there’s one in Northfeild use that one it’s only a bus ride away

    • Louise, high quality food is sold at aldi, hopefully putting pressure on the cartel supermarkets, ie Tesco Asda, Morrison’s & greedy Sainsbury’s

  10. Don’t think it’s been put off because of the flood risk. If truth be known I would say it was being put off because of pressure from Sainsbury’s Morrisons etc and other supermarkets in the area protesting against it being built. You’d be surprised how much power these supermarkets have over local councils when investing money in the area.

  11. I think an Aldi is a brilliant idea, Morrisons is too big and expensive and Marks and Spencers also too expensive.Its not a good enough excuse about the flooding as there is a McDonalds already. I like Aldi and I have to travel to Bromsgrove which is a long way to go, Also there are a lot of new young family’s moving into the area, lets help them with the cost of feeding a family with good food.


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