Birmingham based charity, Birmingham Young Active Travel Trust, are welcoming applications from schools and other organisations with ideas on how to encourage parents and pupils to reduce school car journeys and use more sustainable means of transport instead.

The charity aims to encourage pupils and parents to adopt more sustainable ways of getting to and from school to help improve their own health and that of the wider community by reducing traffic congestion at peak times and the risk of accidents and air pollution.

Councillor Habib Rehman, Chair of the Trusts and Charities Committee at Birmingham City Council (which set up the charity) said: “If we are to improve transport by making our roads safer, less polluting and less congested, we need to help schools at a grassroots level by providing funding that helps them develop ideas of benefit to their neighbourhood.

“Through the Young Active Travel Trust I look forward to us being in a position to enable some innovative ideas to become a reality, making a big difference to how our young people and their families are better able to travel around the city”.

Up to £1,000 will be available per proposed scheme from an overall pot of £100,000. So if you’ve got a good idea, get in quick. There is no deadline for applications and a decision on any bids will be made within eight weeks of the application being received. Applications can come from Birmingham schools or groups of schools, a school council or group of pupils and any consistuted group of parents of school children.

To find out our more and to apply visit


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