Longbridge’s 3 ward councillors are inviting local community groups to work together toward innovative ways to provide sustainable support for the local community.

Councillors Andy Cartwright, Ian Cruise and Carole Griffiths have invited groups based within Longbridge ward to a meeting on Wednesday 21st June to discuss ideas on how the ward should allocate its share of the Local Innovation Fund (LIF) provided by Birmingham City Council.

The LIF was put forward by the council as a way of funding local projects to support their communities following recent budget cuts.

Each ward has been allocated £48,000 to support imaginative and forward-thinking ways of providing services.

Ward councillors are responsible for working with their communities to decide how to allocate the funds and each ward has had a different approach.

Cllr Andy Cartwright said: “This is a great opportunity to support Longbridge becoming sustainable. As a group we can work together.”

If you are a group that is based in Longbridge ward and would like to contribute your ideas or join in the discussions, Cllrs would like you to attend the first Longbridge LIF planning meeting at Longbridge Methodist Church at 6pm on Wednesday 21st June. 


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