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An exciting new education centre is soon to open at the RSPCA’s Newbrook Farm Animal Centre.

The centre in Frankley – which opens in August this year – will promote the importance of animal welfare to children and young people from local schools and groups, teaching important life lessons and compassion.

The education centre aims to support families, children and young people develop their compassionate skills, learn about nature and the five animal welfare needs.

Debbie Caffull, animal centre manager, said: “We are so excited to be launching the education arm of RSPCA’s Newbrook Farm Animal Centre this summer. Education is such a vital part in ensuring good animal welfare in the future. The centre hopes to inspire children to love and care for animals as much as we do, and teach them important life lessons along the way.”

(L to R) Charlie Chan, community engagement manager, Craig Osborne, hospital manager, and Debbie Caffull, animal centre manager

Craig Osborne, animal hospital manager, also supports the education centre, he said: “Programmes that teach children and young people compassion towards animals can help them realise the potential they have in their own lives and the valuable contribution they can make to their community.”

Newbrook Farm has recently been awarded a Quality Badge from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and is now expanding on this with a dedicated education centre.

Charlie Chan, community engagement manager, who is developing the education centre, said: “All the programmes are completely free and can work alongside the national curriculum or an organisation’s own projects.

“As well as school visits, activity days and animal welfare programmes for schools, youth groups and families, there will also be opportunities for outdoor learning including fun trails to get back to nature.

“The activities are designed to be achievable and rewarding as well as having an element of discovery and learning. Education is key to ensuring that everyone is aware of the five animal welfare needs and how to meet them.”

The Newbrook Farm Education Centre is urging schools, local groups and organisations to get in touch now to find out how they can book into the education centre.

There is also a need for more volunteers to get involved with the Volunteer Speaker Scheme. This scheme sees volunteers delivering talks to school groups and assemblies about the work of the RSPCA and the five animal welfare needs. The role would suit anyone with some spare time who is comfortable speaking to groups, passionate about animal welfare and looking to help.

The education centre could also be a brilliant opportunity for a university student to use as a placement to support and enhance their studies, or for someone looking for work experience in this sector.

If you are a school or organisation looking to get involved with the new project, or want to discuss volunteering opportunities, contact Charlie Chan on

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For free educational resources and activities visit the RSPCA education website




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