Brave police officer stepped in front of speeding train to save distressed woman

PC Matt Godsall intervened at Kings Norton Station


A British Transport Police officer has been awarded for his heroic actions, after he stepped in front of a speeding train at Kings Norton station to try and save a distressed woman’s life last year. 

Officers were called to the station on 27th July 2016 after concerns for the safety of a woman, who was crying and very distressed.

PC Matt Godsall spotted the woman on the ramp down to the tracks and ran the length of the platform to get to her, but she managed to get onto the tracks before he could reach her.

As he stepped onto the tracks, the brave officer saw a train was approaching at full speed. Rather than jumping out of the way, PC Godsall jumped right into the path of the oncoming engine to alert the driver of the woman’s presence on the tracks.

He managed to get out of the way in time and the train missed them both by less than a metre.

Ch Supt Allan Gregory awards a commendation to PC Matt Godsall [Click to enlarge]
Following the the near miss, PC Godsall managed to stay calm and persuade the woman to move away from the tracks and get her the help she needed.

On awarding the officer a commendation at a ceremony last Monday (19th June), Midland policing commander Superintendent Sandra England said: “PC Godsall went trackside with the sole intention of saving the woman’s life – a courageous and selfless act which rightly deserves recognition.”

British Transport Police are committed to helping vulnerable people on the railway, making over 1200 life-saving interventions in 2016. Visit their website for a comprehensive list of organisations that offer advice and support.




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