The headlines may be grim lately but things aren’t all bad…

We’re electing our first West Midlands mayor today (Yay! *cough*)

AND the sun is shining on our beloved corner of Birmingham! (Keep your 🌂 close! 😂)

So we’re hoping for a quiet day (fingers crossed!) and proclaiming today a #PositiveSWBrum Day where we can all ‘Shout about the good stuff’!

Share a random act of kindness, a favourite memory of the area, an amazing community project, an inspirational local person, your favourite view or photo, anything about South West Birmingham that makes you feel happy, inspired or proud!

We’ll post them all up on our website and you’ll be able to follow the hashtag on Twitter or Facebook!

Send us your Good Stuff: comment, message us on Facebook, tweet @b31voices or email


#PositiveSWBrum on Twitter:


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