On Saturday evening (6th May), founder of the UK Charity AnnaKennedyonline, declared celebrity Kacey Ainsworth as it’s new Autism Ambassador.

Anna Kennedy OBE and Kieron Lee

The announcement came during the hugely successful ‘Autism’s got Talent’, at the Mermaid Theatre in London.

Autism’s Got Talent is a take on the immensely popular TV show, Britain’s Got Talent. The difference being, the former is solely aimed at showcasing wonderfully talented  performers who are on the autism spectrum.

Such as local lad, Kieron Lee from Northfield, who we recently interviewed after the release of the album ‘Building Bridges’ which featured his track ‘Letting Go’. (read the article here)

Kieron’s performance blew the audience away, the talented singer had everybody on their feet cheering by time he finished his rendition.

Kacey Ainsworth (Left) with Anna Kennedy OBE

The audience was truly spoilt with performances from some amazingly talented people from all over the country, not just Kieron! And everybody was thrilled when Anna introduced Grantchester TV star, Kacey Ainsworth as their autism Ambassador.

Kacey, who recently revealed that she has a relative on the autism spectrum, said: “I am so happy to be on board – What a night, Still Buzzing.”

She also added “A message to all the performers and families keep on with your passion you cannot fail'”

About having Kacey as the ambassador, Anna Kennedy OBE said: “I met Kacey at the launch of our first Charity Album at Hard Rock Cafe – she was blown away by our talented performers with autism and then we chatted about the work of our charity and how I was known as the Simon Cowell of the autism world.”

“Everyone is still buzzing from the 19 acts that showcased their talent to a packed Mermaid Theatre London”




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