Introducing our newest volunteer…


We are excited to introduce… Herbert the Bull (yes, he’s a bull! Honest!)

Herbert has recently joined the B31 Voices team. His main duties include looking cute, polishing his horns and making tea (he’s rubbish at tea, to be honest, but we appreciate his efforts!)

Most importantly though, Herbert will be helping us explore communities in South West Birmingham and the amazing people who live, work, study, visit and volunteer here.

Over the coming months, Herbert is hoping to visit community groups, charities, public servants and more.

He’ll also be off on some grand adventures with locals who are doing amazing things outside of our area!

Herbert’s first mission was supporting Sam, Aaron, Jacob, Jamie and Teale on their Three Peaks Challenge!

The Bournville College students were attempting to scale the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours (including walking time and travel between!) It’s a tough call but they’re determined to fundraise as much as possible for Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s proposed Rare Disease Centre, the first in the UK.

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The fab five became six when Herbert joined them yesterday (Monday 8th May) morning as they packed up and ventured off to Scotland, ready to begin their challenge at first light today!

By 10.01am the lads were on top of the world (well, the British Isles at least) at the peak of Ben Nevis, completed in 5 hours.

Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, was next and conquered in 4 hours.

The chaps then hit a bit of a snag with major roadworks meaning a lengthy detour, through country roads backed up with lorries, on the way to Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Their final challenge – to scale Mount Snowdon in the dark, with aching bodies and blistered feet – was the hardest. One of the lads sadly couldn’t keep going all the way to the top but the rest of the team managed to make it!

Challenge complete! And only 1 hour late finishing, despite a 2 hour traffic hold up!

We think you can definitely chalk that up as a success, lads, well done!

Awesome stuff and we salute you!

So far, the team has raised one £1000 for their cause – TWICE their original target. If you want to read more and to sponsor them, please visit their JustGiving page!


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