There are just two days left to register your comments – in support of or against – the latest planning application for a housing development on a former Northfield golf course.

A planning application for the development of land at the former North Worcestershire Golf Club in Hanging Lane for housing was withdrawn in March.

Developers Bloor went for further public consultation on revised plans after the initial application looked destined to be rejected by city planners.

The newest application was submitted last month and developers hope that their amendments will make a difference to the outcome.

However, earlier this year on looking at and approving the Birmingham Development Plan, the government’s chief planning officer stated the land was not suitable as a housing development.

There has been a mixed reaction to the plans from locals with some feeling the land needs to be used and others being opposed on grounds such as demands on local infrastructure and services, traffic increases and the environment.

Cllr Andy Cartwright said: “This is not a done deal. We have housing still being built in Longbridge ward and we have gone over our quota. When the Longbridge Area Action Plan was agreed this part of the ward wasn’t included. All the planned infrastructure has not taken this part into account. Including health providers and public services. The houses will not solve the crisis but add to the traffic issues directly in that area.

“The community and myself are asking for the shareholders who only a few live locally to reconsider and open up negation so with other leisure providers and businesses bring jobs into the area and not leave those that live by in mayhem. Businesses have come forward but not given time to put their offers on the table.”

Some key amendments to address concerns raised: 

First & second applications compared (click to enlarge)
  • Primary Education: In the previous plan, Bloor earmarked land for a school but had no plans to contribute to its construction. In the new application, Bloor would contribute to the school building to the cost of the anticipated increased demand on local primary schools – roughly equivalent to the provision of 1.2 forms.
  • Secondary Education: In the new proposal, developers have offered a contribution of around £3 million for local secondary provision.
  • Reduced Number Of Properties: To allow for greater green space, the number of proposed properties has been decreased by 50 to 950.
  • Green Space: Overall green space on the site has been increased by 11%, creating a ‘green corridor’ which divides the development in two. Some green space has been repositioned to address the concerns of Birmingham City Council ecology, tree and leisure officers.
  • Sports provision: Sport England advised that the multi use pitch initially planned should be off site. Developers have instead replaced that with an open casual play space and will instead provide around £3 million for local sports provision
  • Community hub: The community centre will be built by the developer and it is suggested it will be used and run by St Bartholomews Church, who lost their own building in Hoggs Lane to fire some years ago and currently use Holloway Hall. It is also suggested there will be a community space.
  • Local services: Developers claim to be in discussion with a GP provider regarding the possible use of the community hub. However, they are unable to give further details at this point and no agreements have been made.

Have Your Say:

To have you say – positive or negative – on the proposals, visit Birmingham City Council’s Planning Online site and search for application number 2017/02724/PA

Comments must be submitted by Thursday 4th May

A petition opposing the development is available to sign online


  1. On the site of the former North Worcestershire Golf Course, Bloor Homes, now making a renewed planning application, have erected several wooden posts on land to the rear of houses on Tessall Lane, virtually up to our garden fences.No notice has been given to local residents as to what they are doing. Word on the grapevine has it that they are planning to mount an exhibition of their plans, in a bid to quell local opposition. It won’t work. This latest tactic will only serve to further enrage local residents. We urge all those in roads surrounding the golf course to be on alert, regarding this.

  2. According to the “Times” on 19th May, the Conservative party have accepted a £400,000 donation to their campaign funds from property developer, John Bloor, who owns Bloor Homes. This organisation is currently seeking planning permission to build 950 homes on the site of the former North Worcestershire Golf Course, which move is opposed by many local residents.

    This means that the Conservative candidate for the Northfield constituency will be partially funded in her election campaign, by this donation.


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