A leading manufacturer of baby feeding products is to reassess its packaging thanks to the Quinton B32 News Facebook page and The Animal House Rescue.

The story began on May 9th when Quinton B32 News posted about a black cat which had been spotted in Rilstone Road with plastic ring packaging stuck around its neck and front leg.

Comments from the page’s followers led to the realisation that the poor cat may have been out and in the same state for some weeks.

Cat rescuer extraordinaire ‘Jason Bloomer’ and the Animal House Rescue were soon on the case and – thanks to several days of coaxing and perseverance (and a popular fried chicken brand!) – the cat was safe and whisked off to vets.

“Pearl”, as she was renamed by the rescue, suffered a deep cut under her front leg and had to be sedated to have the wound cleaned. You can view images of Pearl’s injury on The Animal House Rescue page.

Quinton B32 News wrote to Nuby UK about Pearl’s story and their offending packaging design and received a good response. Nuby said they are re-assessing their design and will ask their customers to safely dispose of current packaging by cutting plastic rings in the meantime. They have also offered a donation of £1000 to Bartley Green based rescue, The Animal House.

After being contacted by Nuby, The Animal House Rescue said on their Facebook page: “Out of bad things good things come. […] We would like to say that it is so nice to have companies that are willing to try and change things for the better so a big thank you and paws up to Nuby UK for forward thinking and caring about the animals and the environment and their products impact.”

Well done, ‘Jason’, The Animal House Rescue, Quinton B32 News and all who helped or shared Pearl’s story! Get well soon, Pearl! :)


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