The fate of the wonderfully family run PSL Bowling and Fitness First Stirchley received yet another bitter blow when they were served notice to vacate the premises. 

A statement from PSL Bowling was posted on the Facebook page today, see below.

Manager of PSL Bowling, Martin Parsonage told BBC WM “I just feel that everyones views to the whole matter, including community, ourselves, next door, they just haven’t been taken into consideration at all. I know in regards to the landlord, it’s his land and he can do what he wants, but from the conversations I’ve had with him, the whole process and how they’ve gone about it is initiated from Lidl”

SuperStirchley is a group set up by residents of Stirchley and surrounding areas that is campaigning to keep Stirchley independent, and promote everything that’s good about Stirchley.

In response to the latest controversial twist, they said: “We are disgusted with the behaviour of the site landlord and supermarket bully Lidl UK.

“No matter what you think about the state of the building (which couldn’t be renovated because of this Lidl threat) or the need for an affordable supermarket in Stirchley, it is awful to lose two businesses of this kind. There were plenty of other sites in Stirchley that Lidl could have bought up… the newly available Tesco site namely.”

Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain for the iconic building that’s been housing bowling since 1962, residents will not give up.

Stand Up for Stirchley – Save Fitness First and PSL Bowling: SIGN PETITION HERE

Image – Elliot Brown


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