Oh deer! Someone call the fire service!


We know that later this week, some youngsters (and teachers!) will be fighting to get out of school as quickly as possible to enjoy their Easter break.

But this little beauty was caught trying to get IN to a Quinton primary school this morning (Wednesday 5th April)!

Woodgate Valley fire crews were called to Quinton Church Primary School in Hagley Road West at around 11.30 when the muntjac deer was found with its head trapped between two railings of a metal fence.

Luckily, the crew managed to use their tools to bend open the railings to free the deer and didn’t have to resort to using cutting tools, which would have proved very traumatic for the deer – and the fire crew!!

Having checked with the RSPCA that it was ok to be let go, the cheeky scamp skipped off to safety.


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