There have been a considerable number of missed refuse and recycling collections locally in the last couple of weeks.

According to the council’s website, over 100 streets were missed on some days last week.

We asked Birmingham City Council for an explanation for the sudden increase in missed collections but – while they issued an apology and reassurance that they are working on the backlog – they didn’t offer any reasons for why it is happening.


Antony Greener, director of waste management for Birmingham City Council, said: “We apologise for any problems with refuse, recycling and garden waste collections, and would ask the public to bear with us as we endeavour to catch up with missed collections over the next few days.

“We’re appealing to residents affected to leave their bins out if they have not been collected, and they will be collected as quickly as possible.”

‘Not good enough’

Cllr Brett O’Reilly (Northfield, Labour) said: “The service received by residents has simply not been good enough and I would hope that the issues are temporary. If residents are experiencing poor service then I would urge them to let me know and I will take it up with the council.”

What to do if your collection has been missed

  1. Check the council’s missed collections list, after 4pm on the day your collection was missed. If your street is listed, the council are aware and will aim to collect your rubbish within a few days.
  2. If your street isn’t listed on the missed collections list, make sure the council are aware your street has been missed by reporting online: Report a missed collection online
  3. Leave your bins out for collection: make sure they’re not blocking any public pathways.
  4. If the issue continues and your bins are still not collected within a few days, or they are repeatedly missed, consider contacting your local councillors for help and support. You can find you councillors’ contact details by entering your postcode on the My Local Information page 

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  1. It is not good enough this is happening on a regular basis every week it is either the ‘re cycling or the rubbish that’s left
    We need to claim I’m bulk a refund on the council tax, we are not getting the service we are being charged for so the council is charging for a service it is not providing .

  2. it is down to a dispute in pay, I was told this by the council workers in the green trucks, that collected all the dumped rubbish outside my house today, but he also told me “we ain’t bin men love, there has been a dispute with pay and thats why there has been no collections”.

  3. Birmingham Council Press Office not prepared to discuss the issue relating to the bin collections. The Press Office claimed that the council did respond to complaints.

    However, actions speak louder than words and clearly collecting the bins on the allocated day is the clearest sign that the council is listening and responding to residents.

    The press officer did not want to give a name said they were aware of an issue to do with bin collections being missed but could not and would not discuss this any further and put the phone down.

    Lets hope that the press office in never contacted by Mr Jeremy Paxman famous for his robust questioning.

    Ignoring complaints is clearly no way of resolving any issue.

  4. I have checked there website and my Road was not listed. It was missed last week and also this week. Not at all happy. I lodged my concern and asked for an email to update me last Thursday 30/3/17 and heard nothing and now again no collection Thursday 6/4/17

  5. I too checked the website and my road was not listed. I tried to register in order to add my road – the response was that I would be sent two e-mails – one with a temporary password and one which would contain a link so that I could activate my registration. I received the two e-mails – both completely blank!

  6. Considering that our collection is first thing in the morning and it has now been missed twice in the last few weeks is evidence that this is a delibrate act on behalf of the bin personal that these collections are missed on purpose.

  7. I am on Assisted collection but i had to get the local authority ombudsman to sort it all out for me as it was almost a yr trying to get the council to sort it.
    Its still very hit and miss as they seem to have a fellow going around getting the bins but no bugger to put them back so since inception of these dreaded things I’ve had it done correctly 8 times in total.!! in all these months
    I would also say the bins are a hazard to me trying to “walk” my dogs as i use a mobility scooter to do so. i am getting better at the slalom mind you lol

  8. The bin men are deliberately missing out certain streets. Last week my rubbish wasn’t collected yet again – the lorry did not even drive up my road – when one of the men was questioned about it his response was “the driver didn’t want to go up that road and he’s the boss so what can we do”
    Today – same thing with the recycling. The driver was over heard saying f**k that when looking at the road and drove straight past
    Everytime I try to report a missed collection the web site throws me out tells me to log in again, then tells me my details are incorrect!!!


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