A 23 year old man has been jailed for 8 years after he stabbed another man after he was forced to pull over his car outside a Weoley Castle supermarket last September. 

On the evening of September 29th 2016, the victim was leaving the car park of the Asda store in Barnes Hill, with his partner and young child in the car, when another vehicle pulled in front of them, forcing them to stop.

Warren Wiggan – wearing a Halloween mask bought in the store – slashed a tyre on the family’s car. When the victim stepped out of his car to challenge him, Wiggan stabbed him in the stomach.

The man in his mid-20s was left with a three-inch wound after the attack.

Following the attack, Wiggan fled north of the border but was identified by West Midlands Police after viewing CCTV footage of him buying the mask from the store.

He was traced to an address in Scotland and was arrested with the help of the local force.

Wiggan was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday (5th April) after being found guilty of wounding with intent.

DC Tom Saunders, from Force CID, said: “It is not clear why Wiggan carried out this serious attack which left a man with a three inch stab wound. He fled up to Scotland following the attack and after identifying him from CCTV we managed to track him down hundreds of miles.

“This should serve as a strong warning that you can run but you can’t hide from the law. If you commit a serious offence we will go to whatever lengths to track you down.”



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