Longbridge residents and visitors have been enjoying Easter celebrations at Longbridge town centre, with an Easter art display and a craft market still to enjoy.

Palm Sunday

God’s Heart for Longbridge – a community group which brings together churches from across Longbridge and surrounding areas – held a celebration of the Christian holy day, Palm Sunday, on the concourse at Longbridge town centre on Saturday 8th April.

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Visitors – like Aiden (6) & Demi Lee (3) Collins – were invited to pet Ernie the donkey and to learn about the animal’s significance in the events leading up to traditional Easter celebrations. Attendees were also treated to a cuddle with a day old lamb, Ben.

Volunteers from God’s Heart for Longbridge were on hand to share information about the meaning of Easter… along with chocolate Easter eggs!

Janice Paine, from God’s Heart for Longbridge commented: “The donkey is a symbolic animal as it represents an animal of peace, which is why it was chosen by Jesus to ride into Jerusalem.”


This coming Saturday (15th April), there will be a ‘handmade’ and homemade’ market outside Park Point, with stalls displaying handmade jewellery, decorations, desserts and flavoured gins and vodkas made by independent businesses and local craftsmen. The market will run from 9am to 5pm.

Art display

Artwork by London artist, Jenny Hawke, is on display in the window of one of the empty retail units until Sunday (16th April).  “The stations of the cross” depicts Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion.

Andrea Clarke, Longbridge town centre manager, commented: “The Easter celebrations are the first of a series of events we will be running at Longbridge town centre over the coming 12 months and we think they will be very attractive to the local community and especially families with young children.”

For more information visit www.longbridgelife.co.uk


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