We Just Read: ‘Pony Tale Ending’ | The Sun

Stevie is now settling in at the sanctuary | Pic: @Snappersk / The Sun

A horse abandoned at Shenley Academy in Weoley Castle by travellers is now safe in a secure sanctuary, thanks to The Sun newspaper. 

Stevie was left tied to a fence at Shenley Academy

The travellers left the pony behind on Monday (26 Feb) after being evicted from the school site.

The Sun liaised with Academy staff and arranged for the pony – now named ‘Stevie’ – to be collected and moved to a specialist horse rescue centre, the location of which is secret to ensure security.

The national newspaper have also donated funds to care for the little pony, who had to have a painful tight collar removed by a vet.

For the full story and more photos, visit The Sun

Images courtesy of Snappersk 


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