A woman with mobility issues from Birmingham has revamped the garden of her new bungalow, after receiving a grant from financial mutual OneFamily.

Madeline Morris, aged 53, has arthritis which severely affects her mobility. She recently moved to a bungalow so that she could be more independent, but found that the garden was unsafe. This left her unable to use it as she was worried about falling and hurting herself.

Through the frustration of not being able to make the most of the outdoor space, Madeline applied to OneFamily for a £500 personal grant.

She has used the funding to resurface the garden so that she can move around safely, as well as adding a new table and chairs that will enable her to socialise outside with friends.

She said: “Pottering around outside is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it’s watering the plants or feeding the birds, I love being in the open air.

“As I have limited mobility, it’s really important that I’m able to use my garden whenever I want. Now the area is safe for me to be in, it will massively improve by mobility and give me a place to stretch my legs every day.

“I am so grateful to OneFamily for giving me the opportunity to rejuvenate a space I enjoy being in so much – it’s given me a new lease of life!”

Karl Elliott, marketing director at OneFamily, said: “Madeline’s garden obviously means a lot to her, and it’s great to hear how the renovation will improve her everyday life.

“Through our Foundation, OneFamily provides personal grants to support our customers or those they care about when they need it most. In 2016 we awarded more than £300,000 to people across the country.

“Over a period of five years, OneFamily aspires to make £5 million available through its Foundation, helping to improve the lives of its customers, their families and community.”

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