A local man has been charged in relation to holding a staff member hostage at a Natwest bank in Northfield on Friday (17 March).

Police were called just before 11.45am to reports that a man was holding a female member of staff of the Bristol Road South Natwest branch hostage in an interview room.

The man from Northfield is accused of false imprisonment and possession of an imitation firearm. The 60 year-old is also charged with possession of a knife and arson with intent to endanger life.

The offender remains in custody and will appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court tomorrow (20th Monday). 

Cover photo by Elliot Brown on Flickr


  1. This person is a danger to the public and should be locked away to keep the public safe he could of killed someone he had a fire arm and a nife and should be taking to crown court were he should get 8 to 10 years for what he has done he holded a public person hostage and if I had my way he should be sent to prison for 10 years he should go to Birmingham crown court for what he has done don’t all of you think so

  2. The bloke had mental health problems u dnt no what sitawaytion he’s mind was in he didn’t hurt any one it’s a shame that old people at he’s ages are thinking about robbing banks that’s how bad it’s getting people are finding it hard to live and resulting in robbing!


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