Earlier we shared an update on ‘Stevie’, the pony abandoned by travellers at Shenley Academy. 

In a rescue arranged and funded by The Sun newspaper, Stevie was collected and taken to a safe and secure horse sanctuary.

We are told that Stevie is very happy and loving his new surroundings.

He will stay at the sanctuary indefinitely or until such a time when he could be adopted.

The horse sanctuary, which is at an undisclosed location in the Midlands, is self funded.

And Stevie has plenty of company as the sanctuary cares for retired and neglected horses around the clock.

Yesterday, Shenley Academy posted an update on their website that the pony was safe. They also thanked the local community: “Can we thank all the community for your comments and concern for the pony.  A big thank you to local resident who provided the academy with food for the pony whilst he was on our site.”

Well done to all involved!

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