A Northfield entrepreneur’s success story which was inspired by the affections of her pets has featured in The Big Issue’s March 6th edition.

Lisa Murray-Lang is not just your everyday animal lover, by her own admittance, some would describe her as ‘barking mad’ or ‘the crazy cat lady’.
From volunteering at Cramar Cat Rescue where she was a Trustee, to completing the Birmingham 1/2 marathon dressed as a ‘homeless cat’ and leaping out of a plane at 15,000 ft in a tandem sky dive to raise money for the charity, it’s safe to say that she’s mad about animals!

This inspiring lady has also taken part in seven power walk marathons and three half marathons to raise money for Breast Cancer charities.

Previously a graphic designer at Cadbury, devastatingly for Lisa, she was made redundant in 2012 when the American giant Kraft took ownership of the British born company. Amid the constant knock backs, the demoralisation was hard to surpass, however some well timed affection from her cats kept her going and in fact, inspired the creation of her business, From Wags to Whiskers.

Lisa’s story was featured in a section of The Big Issue called ‘Bob and Britain’s Hero Pets’, which is inspired by the true life story of James Bowen, a homeless man who was a recovering heroin addict and a ginger stray cat named Bob. The incredible story of how James and Bob saved each other, has also been made into a book and a film. You can read more about James and Bob on Blue Cross here.

From Wags to Whiskers has become a highly successful pet sitting and dog walking local business. The popularity and demand for the services that From Wags to Whiskers offer is a true reflection of the character of the lady who runs it, Lisa.

The image is blurry I can’t read the story?

That is correct, this is because if you were to read it here, the fabulous Big Issue wouldn’t receive any of the much needed funds they rely upon to help the homeless! You can buy your copy from a Big Issue street vendor, or, if you haven’t seen one, then worry not, you can purchase your copy online here. :-)


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