A group of Birmingham children have had their work displayed at a special exhibition this week, after winning a school competition to show off their inventions-themed projects at Northfield Shopping Centre.

The pieces by the winning 18 children have gone on display in the shopping destination’s mid-mall area – where thousands of people will be able to marvel at the work over the course of the next month.

Adam Meade, Northfield Shopping Centre manager, said when he first discussed displaying the work, the plan had been to set up a small exhibition space within the centre.

“As we’re undergoing some exciting development work here, we had a substantial hoarding area erected where we might normally use the space to advertise our retailers or services to shoppers,” said Adam. “We’d already been speaking to Bellfield school about hosting an exhibition of their work and so it made sense to give over this larger space. It’s a real focal point right on the mall, and so all of our shoppers will be able to see it.”

The Bellfield Junior School homework project saw youngsters choosing an inventor or invention that has had a significant impact on humans, and then researching it to create the work.

Nigel Attwood, headteacher of Bellfield Junior School, said the response from the children had been amazing. “When we told the children that their homework would be displayed in the centre they were very excited,” he said. “You can probably imagine that getting homework from children can sometimes be a challenge, but with this project, we only had a handful of the 239 pupils who didn’t hand in their work.

“The possibility of a wider audience really created excitement and enthusiasm, and I’d like to thank Adam and the team at Northfield for this opportunity to show off our work,” he said.

The amazing work – which includes projects on everything from the invention of television and the moon landings to Steve Jobs inventing the iPhone – will be on display in Northfield Shopping Centre throughout March.


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