Pride of Longbridge (POL) organisers and the Rover West Mids enthusiasts yesterday embarked on a local nursing home to treat one resident on his very special day.

Brian spent an incredible 38 years working in the engine assembly and gearbox area at the once ‘world leading’ car plant in Longbridge.

During that time Brian worked on some wonderfully iconic cars, such as favourite of the late Princess Diana, the Metro, and the celebrity magnet Mini.

POL founder Gemma Cartwright said: “It was an absolute pleasure bringing enthusiasts, ex work force and community together to help celebrate Brian’s 80th birthday”

“He loved his job and his eyes lit up seeing such a wonderful range of cars. It was truly a lovely day and I would just like to thank Meadow Rose Nursing Home in Northfield for letting us make this happen.”

Disappointed that you didn’t get an invite? Not to worry, the fabulous annual Pride of Longbridge event (which is 100% free) takes place on the 15th April at Cofton Park, Longbridge.

We cannot promise a cake!



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