Frankley man Curtis Brittain, will be attempting The Banger Run 2017 with two of his RAF colleagues and would be grateful if you could support them.

Curtis – Chris – Craig

Curtis and his two colleagues, Chris Park and Craig Worthington, are mechanical transport drivers in the Royal Air Force based at the Wittering station – and instead of spending leave time from serving their (our/your) country by putting their feet up and relaxing, they’ve signed up to endure a challenge that well take them through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in the space of four days for charity.

What is The Banger Run?

The Banger Run is an annual European driving event which is organised by Royal Air Force personnel in between their primary duties and detachments.

Each team is required to purchase a car (a banger) that must cost no more than £500. What the team choose to spend on the car after that to make it roadworthy is entirely up to them.

Once the vehicle is purchased and any modifications or repairs are made, armed with pot noodles the team will be attempting to drive their beautifully buffed up banger on a 1000 mile trip to Zagreb, Croatia.

The object of the event is to raise much needed funds for various military charities, each team must raise a minimum of £500 for their chosen military charity.

The challenge will take place between the 9th and 12th September and the theme for this years event is that of superheroes, hence the name Team Pool!

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

Since the foundation in 1919, the RAF Benevolent Fund has been there, through thick and thin, supporting the RAF family.

They are an independent charity and receive no regular Government funding. They rely entirely on your support to continue there work

The trip in the unluxurious vehicle will not be the most comfortable ride – and neither will their sleeping arrangements as they will be camping the way across Europe.

Curtis said: “We have chosen the RAF Benevolent Fund as we feel it is not as recognised as it should be.”

You can show your support for Curtis, Chris and Craig by donating HERE – no matter how little you donate, any amount would be much appreciated, not only by the three lads, but also all the people that the RAF Benevolent Fund help.



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