Shenley Academy have announced a partial closure of the academy tomorrow (Monday 27th February) as travellers have failed to move off the site despite a 24 hour notice to leave served yesterday.

Travellers arrived on a car park at Shenley Academy on Friday afternoon (24th February) after being moved on from St Modwen land awaiting development in Longbridge town centre.

Bartley Green neighbourhood Police Sergeant Dave Cotter said: “We were alerted at 12.40pm on Friday to a convoy of around 20 caravans pulling onto land at Shenley Academy. The local authority is the lead agency and our officers are playing a support role to ensure there is no breach of the peace.

“The council has served the travellers notice which gives then 24 hours to leave the site. Should they refuse to leave then we have the option of seeking an eviction order from the courts or invoking police powers to move them on.”

A full letter announcing arrangements is available on the academy’s website, however the site has stopped working at the moment so we have reproduced it in full below for your information.

Update from Mrs Monk Sunday 26th February 2017

Further to my message on Friday, I am sorry to have to inform you that in spite of serving a 24 hour eviction notice on the afternoon of Saturday 25th February that the traveller community currently residing in the academy car park are not willing to abide by this notice.

We are currently working with the police and Birmingham City Council to take further legal enforcement action to remove them from the site as quickly as possible. However, this is not going to be possible before we return to school tomorrow morning.

Therefore the arrangements for Monday 27th February are as follows:

The academy will be closed to students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 all day on Monday 27th February.

Work for students in these year groups will be available on Show My Homework, and we would expect all students to log in and complete work set by their teachers.

The academy will be open to students in Years 11, 12 and 13 on Monday 27th February.

Access to the academy will be from the Shenley Lane Delivery entrance only.

Students will be supervised by members of the senior leadership team and the West Midlands Police.

Students should not aim to arrive at the academy before 0800 on Monday 27th February, and should make no attempt to access the academy site from the Long Nuke Road Entrance.

Students will not be allowed outside the school building throughout the school day — including PE lessons, break and lunchtimes.

There will be a normal canteen service in operation, but students will be required to remain in the Dining Hall.

Aberdovey Trip: Year 8 students: students expecting to go to Aberdovey on Monday 27th February should attend school at the normal time, with their equipment for the trip. Entrance to the academy will be via the Shenley Lane delivery entrance, and the coaches will be collecting students from this gate as pre-planned.Students will be supervised throughout their departure by members of the academy senior leadership team and West Midlands Police. Parents/carers are asked to drop their son/daughter at the Shenley Lane entrance and then depart, as we will be experiencing a higher than normal amount of traffic in this area.

Dismissal at the end of the school day: students will be dismissed from the Shenley Lane Delivery Entrance, and should make no attempt to exit the academy from the entrance on Long Nuke Road. Students will be supervised in the same manner at the end of the day as the beginning of the day.

Collection of students during the academy day: if you need to collect your son/daughter during the academy day on Monday 27th February e.g. a dental appointment, please use the gate on Shenley Lane. Please do not make any attempt to use the car park or school entrance in Long Nuke Road.

I recognise that this situation is detrimental to the education of our students, and it is certainly not a decision which has been taken lightly. I have been working with West Midlands Police throughout the weekend as this situation has unfolded, and I hope to be able to return the whole academy to a normal operation as quickly as possible this week.

With best wishes,

Mrs L Monk

Update: Parents/carers and students are advised to avoid Long Nuke Road for walking and driving to Shenley on Monday morning. Please use alternative routes.


  1. what an utter farce! they have been served legal notice and refuse to comply… come on police tow them off…. how can they stay ,,,what sort of a country do we live in where 20 mobile lifestyle caravaners can dictate to 100’s of school children??? sheesh!!
    if i put up a tent on shenley astro turf how long would i last until i was arrested??? 12hrs 24 hrs???


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