Four teenagers who left a 70-year-old with a fractured skull as she travelled in a taxi with her husband last May – have been convicted of throwing stones through a taxi window.

The CCTV footage from inside the taxi shows the horrific moment when a rock thrown by one of the louts smashed through the window, sending shards of glass flying through the back of the cab and striking the woman on her forehead.

WARNING – Distressing footage

Birmingham Youth Court heard how the young defendants − one aged 15, two 16 and a 17-year-old − targeted several black taxis with stones as they travelled along Bristol Road, Edgbaston, on 25th May 2016.

Police have praised the local community for coming forward to help convict the thugs.

Following the attack, local neighbourhood officers and detectives worked with the local community to encourage several key witnesses to come forward.

Birmingham Police Neighbourhood Inspector Steve Rice said: “This … has been a long and involved investigation and I would like to commend the community for having the bravery to stand up to the thugs and to come forward.

“We would like to commend the bravery of the witnesses, who told us they were fed up of a group of youths causing anti-social behaviour in their area.

“Following the attack, several witnesses came forward and their testimony at court was of paramount importance.”

Detective Inspector Jim Colclough, whose team led the enquiry, added: “Identifying these lads became crucial and although the CCTV was shocking you cannot underestimate how difficult it was identifying the people responsible from it.

“This was a horrifying attack that happened in the dark, and I am sure the lads who were responsible for this didn’t think we could get anything from the CCTV but the footage proved how vicious this attack was.

“This is what community policing is about, empowering the community to take a stance against the bullies and to ensure their area is a place where people want to live.”

Sentencing of the teenagers will be on 3rd February.

(Video by Dudley Private Hire & Taxi Association)


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