Stakeholders secure Community Hub for Northfield


Northfield Stakeholders’ Group is delighted to announce that Birmingham City Council have accepted our proposal for the use of Northfield House (the vacant, first floor suite of 29 offices in Price’s Square) to become a locally-run community hub for at least the next two years.

Rev Dave Tubby & Northfield Community Partnership’s Rebecca Debenham receive the keys!

Our vision is for this space to become a thriving centre which will support the local neighbourhood using local expertise and creativity for the common good. There has already been a lot of interest from local charities and community interest groups to support this work and we are very excited about the potential this has to serve Northfield.

Northfield Community Partnership will manage the site on a daily basis and in doing so, will help lead what we hope will be a massive support & boost for the local area. We are grateful to them for their expertise and look forward to working in partnership with them on this fantastic opportunity.

We are grateful, too, to Birmingham City Council for accepting our proposal and particular thanks go to Cllr Brett O’Reilly, Cllr. Jacqui Kennedy, and Cllr John Cotton, for their support on this project.

We believe this project will support Birmingham City Council’s objectives in the difficult financial situation they are in. We believe it will provide practical support and help for those who need it. And we believe it will really strengthen a growing sense of community in Northfield – a place we are humbled and delighted to be part of.

Watch this space for further developments as this hub takes shape!

Rev. Dave Tubby 
Chair, Northfield Stakeholders’ Group
16th January 2017


  1. I would like to see the councillors who appear to support this venture, being a bit more proactive in their own more specific areas of responsibility.
    There doesn’t seem to be much concern for the vulnerable in those capacities.
    Like in relation to certain MPs, one wonders whether kudos for a project with more visibility supplies them with a bit more momentum?

  2. This looks like a super venture. That building has been empty since the solicitors moved out more than 5 years ago (I think). So just to get it open and made use of is an exciting time. All the best to all who have secured this and running this.


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