The large water main which burst near Harborne Lane Island in Selly Oak on Wednesday 23rd November, is estimated to be fully repaired by the end of February .

The aptly named ‘Selly Sink Hole’ caused traffic chaos around the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after the whopping 42-inch diameter pipe ruptured.

The work on the water main, which is 6 meters below, serves 200,000 homes, is expected to be complete by mid-February. As soon as the damaged pipe is repaired, work will commence to get Harborne Lane repaired and reopened by the end of February.

Whilst the work is being completed, part of the road will be closed, however one side of Harborne Lane will be kept open.

The side from the petrol station, just before the junction with Quinton Road to the new roundabout at the junction of the A38, will need to stay closed until the pipe is fixed and everything is back to normal.

Video of when the pipe burst.

A spokesperson for Seven Trent Water said: “It may have looked like we weren’t doing much on site to fix this pipe, but we were in fact doing lots of work in and around the city.  We’ve had to come up with a way of fixing the pipe without affecting the water supply for the people of Birmingham.”

“We know that this is really inconvenient and we can only say sorry for this, but please be reassured that we are working hard to get this pipe and the road fixed as quickly as possible.”


  1. a similar thing happened in london around same time which was all over the national news,was the brum one,no just local news,if its not in london it does’nt matter does it


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