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As a community we have ran a very successful campaign to Save Baverstock from closure, we have brought many sponsors to the table and also managed to overturn the decision twice until now. At present we face the prospect of still losing Baverstock Academy but we as a community are united together in stoping the closure of The Baverstock Academy. 

That is why we are announcing our peaceful protest/demonstration outside Baverstock Academy on the 30th January 2017 at 7pm. We anticipate very large numbers to this event and believe this to be one of the largest community protests events this side of the city of Birmingham has seen for many years. 

This is event is open for ALL to attend. The people of B14 and its surrounding areas need to come together and stand up for the children and the future children! In attendance will be parents, children, staff, community leaders, community groups, unions, politicians, local and national press will all be in attendance. 

The protest aims to create a strong message to the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Secretary of State, Justine Greening that this community wants Baverstock Academy to remain open. Birmingham City Council have publicly stated that their is an urgent need for this school to remain open due to the expanding population in the wards of Brandwood and its surrounding wards. Meaning a large capacity school will be needed which Baverstock is that school. Without Baverstock, what happens to these children?

Everyone is aware of the great and long proud history that Baverstock has had but sadly the school has recently fallen on hard times. We feel this does not warrant closure but rather an investment into saving the school for the children and community that it serves so very well.

This is about the children of our large community and making sure they have an education, life chances and opportunities. Baverstock has always remained true to its founding philosophy of; Never giving up, accepting no compromise, considering no failure in ensuring that all people in our community should have the same opportunities, enjoyed by others in privileged situations. Now we need to fight back to protect this for our future prosperity of our community. 

We all hope to see you on the 30th January 2017 at 7pm at the main entrance of Baverstock Academy, Druids Heath, Birmingham. Share and spread the word and bring your whole families and friends. 

Vitally important information Below

This is vitally important that everyone messages the Regional Schools Commissioner office through the email below detailing the objections they have to the closure of Baverstock Academy.

Subject Line: Baverstock Academy Closure

Email: baverstock Academy Closure

If you are unable to contact or need help in emailing the address then contact SaveBaverstock on Facebook or twitter or email;


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