A pair of would-be thieves were arrested after Longbridge town centre security staff foiled their attempt to steal from Smyths Toys in Longbridge last night.

The incident happened at just after midnight this morning (Friday 13th January) when a silver Renault Clio was used to smash through into the toy store.

Security staff on the development managed to hold the pair, a man and a woman, in the store until West Midlands Police officers arrived to make the arrests.

St Modwen Development Director, Mike Murray commended security staff. He said: “Through the quick and brave actions of the Longbridge town centre security team, they were able to apprehend the suspects until the police arrived very shortly afterwards. Smyths were open today as usual.”

Anyone who witnessed events can call West Midlands Police on 101


  1. Good work by security, but what were those muppets thinking?! If it was a jewellery shop…maybe worth smashing up your girly car but not for a back seat full of stuffed toys.


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