An application to build on the New Rose and Crown pub car park has been received by Bromsgrove District Council.

The application is for a mixed use development comprising of residential and retail units. The proposed residential property will consist of four one bedroom and six two bedroom

The residential units are all upper floor situated without lift access.

The seven retail units are A1 (hairdressers, pet shops, sandwich bars, travel agencies etc) and A2 (Financial and professional services etc) class units.

The development is expected to boost local employment, with an estimated 10 full-time positions and seven part time positions created.

Cllr Peter Mcdonald said “There is no doubt many will welcome the news that something positive is happening to the car park which at the moment resembles an unlicensed tip.

“The owner has been issued with Enforcement Notices to stop what he is doing and remove the rubbish. So we must be careful this is not some sort of distraction to what is really going on there.

Cllr Mcdonald added: “There is a great need for affordable homes in Rubery, this was clearly demonstrated when the last affordable homes were built in Rubery there were forty two applicants for each property.

“Therefore any new homes would be welcomed and go some way of meeting the needs of the homeless in the district.”

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  1. What a crock, Rubery is full of charity shops, takeaways and estate agents, of all the new shops listed in the article above, they already existed in Rubery before and closed due to lack of trade, I’ll give it a year before the new retail units house takeaways, charity shops, estate agents or perhaps surprise surprise another chemist.


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