Fire fighters from Northfield Fire Station have issued a powerful fire safety message following a fire in a bungalow in Longbridge this morning. 

Crews from Northfield Blue Watch and Kings Norton attended the fire at a home on the development at the old Longbridge car plant site at around 7.30am.

Luckily, the resident was not at home at the time of the fire, but photos taken by fire fighters at the scene demonstrate the importance of closing internal doors. It’s clear to see that, despite the devastating affect in the homes, the bedroom was largely unaffected.

A spokesman from Northfield Community Fire Station said: “It certainly shows the importance of closing your internal doors before you go to bed at night! Be aware of overloaded sockets this festive season and throughout the year & test your smoke alarm!”

Watch Commander Phillip Richards praised fire crews and thanked the local community. He said: “I attended this fire this morning as officer in charge and would like to thank the crews from Northfield and Kings Norton blue for the professionalism in dealing with a hot dangerous incident […]. Your training and experience made it as safe as it could be. Then when the fire was out you took it on yourselves to get the message out there to make others safe. Thank you.

“Also to the people of B31 – you rallied round with phone numbers and addresses, tea and so many other things – a proper community! Thank you!”


  • Please test your smoke alarm and if it’s not working, call 0800 389 5525 free for help and advice.
  • Keep internal doors closed as these provide a barrier to fire and help slow the spread.
  • Don’t overload sockets and make sure you turn off and unplug when you’re out or in bed.

Well done to the local community who supported the fire service this morning, and we wish the lady affected all the best.

A massive thank you to our fire crews and emergency services who help keep us safe!

We wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas! 🎄




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